Saturday, August 1, 2009


today was the last day between me & my sayangg.
he's leaving me here alone.
he'll start his class nex week.
so he's goin back to t'ganu.huhu
pity him coz im not sending him to d airport.
im too afraid that i'll break into tears.

dear~~im really miss you.
hope you'll ok there.
& i'll waiting you here.hehe=p


Thursday, July 30, 2009


dunno why im totally pissed oFF & annoy with this lady.
she's totally annoying & bullshit-ing.
every time i saw her face, it makes me annoy & angry.
dun blame me 4 hating you coz you totally a jerk.
pretending that you are good enough & kind & bla.bla.bla.
hell yah girl~~stop it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i guess this is the last week me spending time with him.huhu
he's leaving me this Saturday.tata darlink.
im gonna miss u dear.hehe
thank god that there will be no class this saturday
means that ill be back this friday.hehe
hope it will be the last best more fighting.haha
till then~~~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

baby im coming!!

yay!im so happy coz ill be back in 2 days more.haha
it has been 2 weeks oredy.duh~~hehe
well~~im planning to spend some of my allowance this weekends.hehe
if not, ive to ask my daddy 4 some $$$.hehe
he promises me roxy's bag.haha
so till then~~


Sunday, July 12, 2009


finally, my allowence was out!!.actually since tuesday.hehe unfortunately it is only 4 1 month.!duh this is really pathetic!! 430 ive 2 spend it wisely & this is my budget 4 1 month.frankly speaking it is not enough.

i know im a shopaholic & xtravagant person.hehe this evening, i went out with my mom then i accompanied hani to bought ono's present.we went to roxy to search some items.

OMG i really cant take it.b4 meet hani,mama warned me not to buy anything.she said i have to learn how to saving.she also said that i was too lavish & dont know have to i followed what my mama said & not buy single thing from roxy!!hell yeah darl im did it.hehe.

actually i was likely to buy i of roxy's handbag,but i was really controlling myself from not buying it.huhu.pity me.its actually not that xpensive but every time i got allowence or xtra money i'll always spended it on roxy's stuff.hehe.dont know y.hehe

overall,im kinda happy coz ive finally manage to controll my shopaholic side.hehe.ive manage to controll myself from buying unnecessary things.haha.yay!!i did it.hehehe

missing him.

i miss him a lot.but hell yeah!!i'll be seing him tommorow.hehe.yay!!!.
wish it will be a short wonderful date.hahaha.
really cant wait to see him.

Friday, June 26, 2009


as promised, these are some of the design of deenacakes.
there are so cute & cool
so for further info just clicking to her blog.